Concerned about the taste and well-being of its consumers, Alpha Benin selects its wheat semolina from the best pure traditional durum wheat strains to offer you healthy and superior pasta.


Since 2011, faithful to the tradition of pasta, we offer our consumers the tasty Spaghetti and Macaroni MATANTI made in Benin with durum semolina 100% superior quality, without any additives.

Our fully automated production line with state-of-the-art equipment recapitulates all the technical experience of several generations since the cultivation of durum wheat, semolina, kneading, extrusion, wire drawing, drying and bagging. pasta under hygienic conditions.

MATANTI pasta is synonymous with quality and taste pleasure, but also nutritional value in complete safety.


Our durum wheat semolina is specially selected from the best pure traditional durum wheat strains. It gives the exceptional qualities loved by consumers of Matanti pasta: color, flavor, texture, aroma, cooking behavior …

High pressure extrusion promotes an adequate mesh of the gluten network. It provides the pasta with a highly elastic absorbent structure for a good resistance to cooking. Hence the porosity and ease of absorption of sauces by Matanti pasta. Slow drying in different controlled temperature and relative humidity zones refines and completely stabilizes the pasta for optimal preservation. The golden yellow color develops then by browning or condensation of Maillard. What offers first attracts an unparalleled visual pleasure. Finally, cellophane packaging suitable for food contact, delicately preserves all these qualities for the pleasure of the consumer.


We act with conscience and professionalism in the general interest and that of the company. We are resolutely committed to offering you healthy products, of superior quality, thanks to the competence and the rigor of our fully committed teams for the sole purpose of your total satisfaction.


Alpha Benin SA has created various trades involving several hundred people of different nationalities where the sense of commitment, responsibility, competence, excellence and quality of work, respect for standards, solidarity are the masters -words. Every employee who is fully involved on a professional and personal level acts conscientiously and professionally in the general interest and that of the company.


The quality of our products is no longer to prove. Matanti pasta is recognized and certified by DANA and NAFDAC, respectively Beninese and Nigerian quality control bodies of food products.