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« To want to realize a dream is talent. The rest is sweat . » Jacques Brel

More than a decade ago, began the wonderful story of a company that, like all big companies, was born of a person’s vision and ambition to change things, change the world around her, to give hope to more than one and achieve one of her most cherished dreams. This is the story of Alpha Benin, a Beninese company that produces and markets Matanti pasta, healthy, high quality pasta with a unique flavor.

F. R. Z. is her name, child of Africa, whose courage and selflessness, passion and determination have not failed since the first days she dreamed of creating an ultra modern production and marketing industry pasta, like the big Western brands. The realization of this dream will begin 10 years later, when it finally ends up having the long-awaited funding to start the work.

Political instability, civil war in Ivory Coast did not offer socio-economic stability favorable to business. She decided to set sail for Nigeria. But along the way, a hospitable land, a land of peace in West Africa, the Republic of Benin, which she had known for a few years before, will retain her full attention and she finally put down her bags. It was then that everything began, yes this dream would finally come reality.

« It is a law of history that all moments of doubt and decadence are always followed by moment of glory and joy, and those who understood it have found the courage to overcome an insurmountable present. » Coach Patrick Armand POGNON

Counting on an army of men and women filled with passion and determination, F. R. Z. overcame an insurmountable present. Having created his company ALPHA BENIN in 2005, it took him four years to finalize the management of the administrative and financial aspects, yes the wait was long but it does not weaken. September 2009 will see the start of the construction of the Matanti pasta production plant. As the saying goes,  » It is black pot that leaves the white akassa  », nothing will come out, the forest will come out two years later the ultra-modern factory production and marketing of pasta Matanti food. In November 2011, the first 100% durum pasta made in Benin was produced.

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« The true generosity towards the future is to give everything to the present. » Albert Camus

Having based its policy on quality (quality of inputs and processes, quality of products, quality and commitment of human resources) the Matanti brand was able to establish itself in a short time as a leader on the Beninese market before major imported brands. Concerned about the taste and well-being of its consumers, Alpha Benin selects its wheat semolina from the best pure traditional durum wheat strains to offer healthy pasta products of superior quality.

« Getting together is a start, staying together is progress, working together is success. » Henry Ford

Alpha Benin has created various trades involving several hundred people of Beninese nationality where the sense of commitment, responsibility, competence, excellence and quality of work, respect for standards, solidarity are the main words. Every employee who is fully involved on a professional and personal level acts conscientiously and professionally in the general interest and that of the company.

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