The art of cooking pasta begins with the choice of pasta. A lot of attention and care must be given to the selection of a product such as pasta and this, even before the “encounter” with the sauce.

Spaghetti, macaroni MATANTI exalts aroma and taste by their quality. For a perfect dish from every angle, scrupulously follow some basic rules of cooking.

  • First of all, the kettle: It should be wide at the base in order to concentrate the maximum possible heat and big enough to contain the water necessary for the pasta.
  • One liter of water per hundred grams of pasta to which you will add 10 grams of salt.
  • Proportional rule: 1 liter of water + 10 grams of salt + 100 grams of MATANTI pasta
  • When the water comes to a boil, it’s time to salt it and throw in the pasta. Then you will increase the flame and cover your pot for easy boiling. Then mix the pasta a first time to separate and cook in accordance with the cooking times indicated for each type of pasta on the back of the package.

MATANTI specifies, on all the bags, the best cooking time for each type of format. Respect him and you are sure not to go wrong.

How to test the cooking of your pasta?

There is a very simple way to check if the pasta is cooked to perfection. Just cut them with a fork. If inside, you see a small white circle in case of hollow pasta or a small dot in case of spaghetti, cook them for a few more minutes. If the pasta has a uniform color during the “fork test”, then it is ready to be drained.


Spaghetti, striated pinnae, springs, shells … pastas are served in all their shapes and sauces. We invite you to rediscover this food mat with the most popular recipes we offer.

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